2016: A year of personal and political upheavals

Black coffee and cigarettes


That 2016 was a terrible year has become something of a litany now. There was the relentless roll call of celebrity deaths – from Bowie and Prince, to Rickman and Wogan, Cohen, Ali, Wilder, Harper Lee, and, more recently, Fisher, Michael and Reynolds – all era-defining, often self-deprecating, wildly charismatic artists, whose songs, films, books and TV shows punctuated our lives, and whose deaths – nearly always too early – seemed also to close the door on a different, and somehow better, world.

Then, of course, there were the political maelstroms of Brexit and Trump, the resurgence of strongman leaders like Modi and Duarte, the raging conflict in Syria, continued IS atrocities, shocking assassinations, terrible plane crashes – news that always verged on hyperbole, if not outright catastrophe, the sense that our world, as we knew it, was teetering on its axis. I thought 2011, when I was producing news…

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So, What I’ve been Thinking to do to this Blog…

Would it be less boring if I turned this into a art blog? I mean, you a fellow reader can obviously get bored with the same “blah blah blah” am I right? I mean I can post some of my drawings and other artworks here and there to make it feel more fun and worth browsing through my things and possibly make art features to see how much I had improved from year to year. A redraw would be an example.

I want you to imagine a drawing I did, let’s say from 2014. I decide to do a redraw of the same drawing in 2015. I compare them just to see how I had did my technique at the drawing. Or maybe, just art whore in general while screaming “HEY LOOK AT ME, I’M AN ARTIST AND I NEED SUPPORTERS!” Or anything related to that.

I wish to do this in the month of December somwhere around the 10th or the 20th. I may do this every end of the week, depending how effort into the work.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it. Stay tuned!

So about this iOS 9 thing…

Just a few days ago, while trying to get to school. I was listening to music on my iPod; seeing a update alert message saying “A new software update is available” and pressed okay thinking sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong? After a long time of it updating the special screen popped that about every Apple product. At first, I thought  it erased all of my data on it, everything. As time passes I get home and booted up my device once more; explored of what changed and what didn’t. Whoa I thought, everything looks awkward, I like, but I don’t like it. Then getting so dissipointed with these apps I don’t even need nor want like, News, Find Friends, ect… Here’s some screen shots to give you an idea what I’m talking about! 


Do you see what I’m talking about. I’ll take that silence as a yes.

The Alienz Are Going To Take Our Bibles And EAT THEM!

Keep In Mind: This is a Joke, it’s not to be taken personally

THIS BREAKING NEWS, many bibles of all churches have gone missing in the three months. One of the residents of our local town has claimed to see flying object in shapes of chinaware absorbing all of the books through the homes and local churches. Johnny Redneck has something about this 

Some asshole spelled his name wrong

The Aliens really looked like bowels of spaghetti and meatballs. I do believe that I have a picture of it on my phone.

– Johnny



Today is my birthday while it’s my first day of school. I didn’t really care for how I looked because I’m lazy about what I wear. I ended up thinking it was the worst morning ever of getting yelled at by one of my parents (Seriously, I really hate it when someone yells at me rudely. I can’t really see a point in listening to them anyway. That’s just my opinion)

While at school I go to the cafeteria to get the breakfast as usual. It’s normally cereal of some sort and juice. I said to some people that it was my birthday, when I responded. I must’ve sounded miserable and sad, or angry and sarcastic. Maybe both. Then when I get to my locker. Keep in mind, I despise those round lock things in every locker because I’m too dumb to figure it out. I pretty much stressed out and had more than one person to help me open it, over and over, again, once more.

I see much of the rest being pretty normal until I got home… That got crazy, the power went out when my stepparent said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESU” the power was out for about a couple of hours. We had tacos together. The end.

School Is Coming Back!

Hello! After a whole month of nothing to do than sit around, eat, sleeping, or something else in general. I’m very glad that school is coming back! Plus, my birthday starts on the day school starts. Yeah, doesn’t that sound ‘great’? No, it doesn’t sound great that school starts on your birthday. It sucks. It really sucks. 

I have all the school supplies I need in order to survive another year of school, I’m almost, so close to getting in high school. Very excited to get everything done! 

I’ve been thinking about making a goal if I’m going to improve my reading comprehension, I’m going to have to read a bunch of books. Maybe I’ll discover something that can be so important for a life time. I’m pretty much a big doof when it comes to math, I need to improve that as well. I’d sure like to make sure I’m doing well on science, geometry, physics, and history. I wonder if I can teach myself French?

Now I wonder, what’re we going to learn, or what am I going to learn this year? Who knows really? I guess I’m gonna find out!

After a month of no school, I really need to clean my face more or else my acne’s going to get worse! And I need to brush my teeth before I get a cavity in one of my teeth. I’m pretty sure my breath smells like a dumpster from New York.

My god, I realized I do need to clean my room more often, but damn my laziness though. I wanna a wii u and splatoon so badly you don’t even know.