Is Anybody Losing Faith In The Ranting Community as Fast as I am?

Back in the day, I believe ranters actually ranted about what was important and a cause that needed to happen like, equal rights, politics, ETC. But now it’s just about “calling people out” on their shit and BAAAAAAAWWW about things no one cares about, AND people using it as a excuse to harm, bully, and hate. Continue reading “Is Anybody Losing Faith In The Ranting Community as Fast as I am?”

Remembering a Forgotten War: Memorial Day and World War I

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In a recent visit to Kansas City, I took the opportunity to visit the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial. I found it rather odd that the national museum and memorial to the Great War were located in Kansas City and not D.C. or an East Coast location. However, upon further investigation the location made sense. Kansas City was an entrepôt and depot for soldiers heading to training camps in the East and Midwest. From there, the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force travelled to France and the trenches of the Western Front.

As Memorial Day approached, it was an interesting time to visit the museum and memorial. The museum was busying itself for the approaching holiday and the grounds of the memorial were in similar preparations. Meticulous care was given to the displays inside the building, as well as the grounds outside. Coincidentally, this Memorial Day…

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Swiss league ‘perfect training ground’ for Matthews, says coach Crawford


Interesting interview over at Today’s Slapshot, where former NHL head coach — and current ZSC Lions bench boss — Marc Crawford spoke about the possibility of his club landing Auston Matthews, the US NTDP project pegged to go No. 1 overall at the 2016 draft.

“Matthews is an outstanding young hockey player and everyone involved with the ZSC Lions is so excited about seeing him play in Zurich,” Crawford told the site, via email. “I believe [the Swiss National League A] is the the perfect training ground for young athletes.

“He will be coached by an NHL coach, he will be challenged by playing against men in a fast-skating, highly-skilled league.”

Crawford does bring plenty to the table, having racked up over 500 wins during a 16-year coaching career with stops in Quebec, Colorado, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Dallas. He captured the Jack Adams as the NHL’s top…

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Now feels like a good time to debate Stamkos’ next contract


Some interesting debate fodder here, from Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe:

The notion sounds so goofy that it should be promptly dismissed. Steven Stamkos is Tampa Bay’s captain and signature player. But there is chatter wondering if Stamkos’s eventual blockbuster contract — he will be a UFA on July 1, 2016 — would be steep enough to prompt the Lightning to deal their captain. This speaks to several things: Stamkos’s asking price, uncertainty about the salary cap in the future, and Tampa’s depth. 

We’d add that Stamkos has played almost 500 games in the NHL, plus the playoffs. He’s only 25, but the Lightning know as well as any team that a superstar forward’s numbers can really fall off as he approaches the age of 30.

Lest we forget how productive Vincent Lecavalier was when he was Stamkos’ current age, and how quickly he suddenly wasn’t…


Lecavalier started an 11-year, $85 million contract

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This Memorial Day is Borrrrrrrrrrriiinnnnnggg

Ugh, today is a boring, but a shiny, almost-cloudy day, seems great. I don’t feel like going out side, I just wanna stay inside and blog and write long walls of text about my existence and personal life.

Talking about wanting to stay inside all day, being lazy is my hobby. When I’m being lazy, I’m in my bed and laying in the comfy-ness of pillows and blankets and sheets. Just like right now!

Being a lazy fuck, I’m not always one. I have the time to love my baby sister. And my family.  One problem there’s TOO MAN Y FUCKING WOMANT IN MY FAMILY I’M GONNA SMASH MY HEAD INTO MY LAPTOP AND EAT IT. Eating cereal, it’s tasty as hell.