What to Learn About The Philippines

Back when I was 12, I went to a party with my stepdad in car to someone’s birthday party. My stepdad’s dad had a wife and children from the Philippines. It was their on of their children’s birthday. You’d think it’s all normal right? WRONG! The Philippines have this thing for inviting completely random strangers¬†into the home. It didn’t stop there! As the birthday party continues through out the day. I just sat there pretty awkwardly, listening to a bunch of strangers in really random languages I didn’t even understand. But I think the wife understood them just fine and I’m just like “WHO’RE YOU PEOPLE?!” and a bunch of swearing came across my mind. This isn’t just weird yet, you should read more for the funny parts!

As if it couldn’t get worse, all of a sudden out of nowhere, I get my period in teh middle of the birthday party, it’s pretty embarrassing to ask the wife for the pads and excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I did the thing. Walking out the bathroom was really cringe worthy for me. *CRINGES*. Getting in the bits, they had karaoke on, boy did they sing HORRIBLY. The food was great though, they had a whole roasted pig and it looked fucking delicious. As I slowly got hungry I went to the dining room to eat. I ate some of the pizza-pasta and the desserts were very exotic. Like I can’t remember the what the desserts were and looked like though… But who’d care? At the (Almost) end of the birthday party, I most of the time sat in the car like an edgy fuck who wants to go home and such with a bottle of water to drink out of, but in an instant I couldn’t help myself but to find out they had BALLOONS! I filled the balloons up with the water outside and threw them onto the ground like I’m crazy and didn’t want to get wet.

But I always loved the feeling of water balloons in my hands, they’re so fucking SQUISHY! When I squeeze a water balloon, I can’t help, but to feel that nostalgia.¬†Soaring through me of water in a round squishy ball feels so good in my fucking typing, drawing, crafty hands.

I’ve always loved the feeling of water in my hands though. I just lOVE IT SO MUCH HOLY SHIT. I have know clue what my problem is, but I always loved playing in the water but I never want to be in the ocean (Do you even realize how scary the ocean is to me? IT’S PRETTY FUCKING TERRIFYING!) unless there’s someone with me, to y’know, guide me? And then see the sea cuz I’m fucking scared of sharks would bite me? Yeah, I know that, I know how anyone could feel about that.

This was tesugeatle, and I’m out done with this wall of text *whoosh*


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