This Memorial Day is Borrrrrrrrrrriiinnnnnggg

Ugh, today is a boring, but a shiny, almost-cloudy day, seems great. I don’t feel like going out side, I just wanna stay inside and blog and write long walls of text about my existence and personal life.

Talking about wanting to stay inside all day, being lazy is my hobby. When I’m being lazy, I’m in my bed and laying in the comfy-ness of pillows and blankets and sheets. Just like right now!

Being a lazy fuck, I’m not always one. I have the time to love my baby sister. And my family.  One problem there’s TOO MAN Y FUCKING WOMANT IN MY FAMILY I’M GONNA SMASH MY HEAD INTO MY LAPTOP AND EAT IT. Eating cereal, it’s tasty as hell.


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