Is Anybody Losing Faith In The Ranting Community as Fast as I am?

Back in the day, I believe ranters actually ranted about what was important and a cause that needed to happen like, equal rights, politics, ETC. But now it’s just about “calling people out” on their shit and BAAAAAAAWWW about things no one cares about, AND people using it as a excuse to harm, bully, and hate.

As if it couldn’t get any more funny, is you can find their hypocrisies EASY! When they claim they don’t troll, but you can look at what they’re doing if you see their comments on other sites! They would send hateful message, after hateful message to some random person. Like this for an example. JINXDROWNED is a ranter right? Not really, wait until you look AT THIS! (I commented on it agreeing with her so she wouldn’t get mad D:) I know it’s something that could be possibly shocking and ED is just a parody website so, not much of a big deal right?

Since they “hate” attention whores, NOPE! Ranters can be one of the most biggest hypocrites you’ll find on the Web. Like Xalainu or “Lily Penetrum” (Probably her real name idk). (This might be the second time she deactivated btw) As for what I heard:

  • She bullies her friends over what she didn’t like
  • Threatening to kill herself a couple of times
  • Came up with sob stories for some bad behavior
  • came up with sob stories for some bad behavior

If all these things were true, then I’d feel lied to and tricked for falling for a bad person.

I swear to god

I’m gonna

Smash my head




For the rants, what if it was all just a play we saw instead of “actual drama” as they claim? This is a question I ALWAYS ask myself when I’m watching a rant video. It isn’t a “drama” that’s happening, it’s just some stupid fucking internet sissy fight that’s really entertaining to watch! This should be an example that’s really something that it explains itself A LOT

Featured image

The constant bitch slapping each other, the flamming, the hateful comments, oh the amusement of it all! Don’t cha think it’s stupid and a complete wast of if you were to do this? But there are ways to stop an sissyfight.


Ignoring might be the best way, because the two would slowly realize it’s a waste of time and leave another alone and act like it never happened.


This is the most effective way to get them to stop, it might work if you try hard enough.


When they “rant” about things (Nobodies, things we don’t care about, idk) they show pix as personas and shit like their recolored sanic OCs and show evidence. Sometimes, ranters are SJWs who try to make people (or things) look bad so they can boost their self-esteem with SOCIAL JUSTICE POINTS AND DOIN’ THE RIGHT THINGGGG AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE SHOULD GO DIE IN A FIREEEEEEEEEE. As ranters get #TRIGGERED if they were to be proven wrong… and then shit themselves…

Ranters Are Fucking Hardcore Narcissists

To one of the reasons why I consider them SJWs is because if they rant it makes their existence relevant! Thinking they’re so special and shit and it does it make you wanna punch them in the face? Yeah… Y’know you want to.


As if, you didn’t have to read this, at all. So what’re you gonna do? Make a rant that I’m a “sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, biphopic trash?”

But! if you have read this far, Congrats! You’re one of the smart ranters who don’t do this type of shit. Or you’re not a ranter at all.

~ Written by Tesu, Thought Up by Tesu~


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