Why’re there Pansexuals Everywhere? I’m Freaking Out.

I‘ve been really insecure lately on the Internet because there’s this thing that’s been going that I’ve discovered for the pass few months, (or year or two) ¶ansexuals. 

To what a pansexual is after doing some research. (Reading some of the Wikipedia, going through random shit) is a person who’ll love another sexually or romantically, regardless of their gender. So I’m just thinking what they’ll basically say.

I’m a person who’ll love allll the genders hurr durr

Being on Tumblr for the past few months, two of my first blogs ended in bad cases. When I was on my first blog. I was blogging like everyone else (Reblogging, talking about random shit, liking things). I see a post about these kind of sexual orientation, I just thought: What the fuck is this shit? And googled up the search engine to see what it is. Since I was really young teen in the mid year of 2014 (August, September, October or something I don’t know.). Since I became unsure of my sexual orientation, I ended up thinking if I were to be pansexual myself… Months later only to decide that I’m a lesbo.

Talking about the Pansexual community, I believe these kind of people would be like, y’know. NUTS?! I don’t speak of all pans are “NUTS”, but I’ll just talk about the good people for now.

The good, normal people.

If there are any pans with decency and logic, thank God! I thank you for existing and using your brains to talk and be very intelligent! SO BE GLAD THAT YOU’RE BEING THANKED BY ME FOR EXISTING!

The Ehhhhh?????

These kind of people are not good, nor bad, but just you just seem them and your eyes squint because of how stupid they are and how they act with “Cis people”.

The Plain Out Bad!

These kind of Pans piss me off to know end about how special they are. “HEY LOOK AT MEEE! I’M A PANSEXUALLLL!!! I LOVE ALL THE GENDERS SO EVERYONE PAYS ATTENTION TO ME!” Yeah, I’m talking about, those kind of Pans. Just because you have something “different” about you, doesn’t mean you should be treated different, you shouldn’t be treated like a god or some king or queen, cuz you’re not. Why should people need to know that you’re pan anyway? It’s not like people would care or anything.

Special Snowflake-ism (I LOVE ALL GENDERS OKI????)

To certain Pans if they don’t fucking know, I heard they’re like 700-something genders or just 63 I just don’t know look it up yourself or some shit I don’t fucking know. So I don’t see you loving all the genders boys and girls and gender neutral, whatever you are. Otherkin or whatnot Tumblr slang is used today

But please, if you’re a pan, people like you shouldn’t show off “pride” like that. It would just make you an easy target for trolls to fuck with you.


This was tesugeatle bringing you content everyday and I’m out *whoosh*


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