What Pisses you Off?

Have you ever been so pissed at something or someone it just made you throw cans and scream your head off?  If you clicked to read moar, why yes you have! And I have as well. Getting angry is kind of what makes everyone human yeah? But what causes it in a unique way, in every person? Emotions, emotions all spin around us and our heads, brains and thought. What thinks of anger? Me? You? Probably both. Yep, totally both.

Churning memories may cause anger. I’ve had a bad rap in the past, but does it make me angry? Well, “sometimes“, regret might cause anger in some people, I’ve always regret, but move on. Look back and then get mad about it for a short period of time and then get over it. Easy.

Lies cause anger yes? Yes they do! It hurts a lot to be lied to so much through out your life, only to live.. one lie. To live it, live it up to the truth. It’s strange how lies have power until they’re shed what it really is. Everyone gets mad, everyone flips their shit and then they start throwing shit. Typical.

Other Websites to mention where there’s really pissy people.

I never forget DevianTART

DevianTart was known for “Bleeding and breeding art”, but I see is a bunch of angsty teens having one big angry orgy, now that’s what I call “Bleed and Breed Art (NO)”! Speaking of “Angsty Teens” it goes much, much farther of how old those people are. Thinking about early 20s-30s-(And rarely any people) in their 40s being on that website. I can admit, I have a dA myself, but I don’t wanna be a hypocrite much, I just post art on there. Spam llamas and do point commissions, plus random acts of kindness for my webzy friends or complete strangers. (srsly, i reely want pointz).

If I were an Admin on TART…

I would do my fucking job and help people, ban people who deserve it. Be on neither side and most important thing DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. JUST FUCKING DELETE IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

As being a minor who can’t do that yet, I don’t fuckin’ care!

Tumblr and it’s SJWs, You Too Twitter 😉

Since I ‘m too fucking lazy to write down a long wall of text, I’ll just post pix


Pic 2: If you make a rant about someone on the webz, it counts as a thing that you have drama and petty problems too. But that English though. How did I forget this pic?

Featured image

Featured image

Some fat 21 year old special snowflake unblocked me just to say this to me. I still find it pretty funny. SJWs will never change. Since she’s a fat, she counts as disgusting too.

Bet she’s gonna make a account on here just to do the same thing lel.

They’re are ways to avoid getting mad with Common Sense

Don’t think about it –

This is the easiest method of not getting pissed off when you’re thinking about something.

It’s best if you don’t talk about it. –

Yeah, pretty much.

You’d better not look at it –

Never look at things that piss you off basically

Never ever listen to it

Never ever listen to things that make you angry.

This was tesugeatle bringing you content and I’m out, *whoosh*


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