Swimming Pool – Cooling Wet Experience

Today was a fun day, I went to our local pool with my step father! The first thing was when I heard he mentioned “I’m going to the pool with the baby” and I was instantly felt excited. I love the feeling of water all over me! There was a catch, I had to wait for the pool to open based that it has to get warmer (Which I strongly agree with) or else I’ll freeze to death.

Doing nothing but fucking around, I had a microwave chicken pot pie to eat as a meal, hot, but delicious anyway. By eleven o’ clock, my step father decided to take a nap with my baby sister, baby sister was very upset about it and shat herself running around the living room while eating the chicken pot pie. The chicken pot pie was still very delicious, though disgusting seeing a baby take off their diaper with a nasty ass with a shit-filled diaper ready to be stepped on. Step father gave her a clean diaper to run around in once moar.

When it finally reached noon, we were ready to go! I was outside and it was hot like me, baby sister tried running out to the door I grabbed her into my arms and carried her in my arms to insiiiiidddddddddddddeeeee, baby sissy was mad, step father got mad when I opened the door. After that awkwardness, into the car we go! It was hot in there as well… only hotter. We didn’t go to the pool exactly just yet, we just went to a store to get two bags of chips. Doritos and Ruffles… NICE. Expecting shit when a baby wants something, I gave her some chips (THE DORITOS PLS) Giving the baby sissy this delicious gift made her MLG. After arriving at the pool, I was in my bikini right away. Already having a bikini underneath my clothing I think is genius.

Jumping into the water, it was cold at first but I adjusted to the temp of the water. I really liked to swim, see babay get upset of cold water. I encouraged my baby sister to swim towards me, stepfather aided her to swim (Meh, close enough) and clung to me like a cat scratching at a carpet.

This swimming experience? I’m pretty much a slow swimmer, but I can at least swim properly, I just don’t have much strength to swim farther and faster and better.

The water felt around me was amazing, like hands touching you, holding you, loving you. Loosely holding me like a baby as I swim, like it was aiding me and saw me as part of the water. Since we’re made about 70% of water, floating above the dark bottom as my shadow. The sun shined brightly through the waves of water crossed thy path. Some of it got in my nose, annoying as hell with the feeling of water getting in your nose though. But how deep can I go? What the hell’s down there? It’s like a simulator as some sea god/goddess, walking among the bottom of the ocean with your feet, and walking through the water like normal air. Seems interesting if you think about it. But beautiful at the same time. Walking among the solid ground around the pool, I like to pretend it’s a city and splash among the lands bulidings, people and the animals, sloshed away by your tsunami, you’d possibly feel bad of what you did.

Through hours of swimming, I took photos as well! But only plants, and the water of the pool, which I found cool. I loved seeing the texture rise and fall. It was very pretty and admiring. The water has always interest me for some reason, blue seas, how it feels in my finger tips, how it gives us life, how it keeps us alive. What has water did for us? Pretty much everything I mentioned in the previous sentence. Water, I just drink it alot, I enjoy its taste for some reason. Who knows what really created us, we find out someday… One day…

But back to the story! About some hours later it was about time to leave, my step dad was supposing to go to some cage fight that’s suppose to be at another side of my town. I ended up getting curious that’s were he spends all the money. I looked at myself in the mirror in the changing room. Damn some I got a nice tan from all that swimming, those paler parts though make it embarrassing. We went to nald’sMcDo (McDonalds lol) Getting a iced coffee, and three McChickens. Tasty indeed, what a tasty honor to get home and that would be the end of my story!

~This was tesugeatle bringing you content, and I’m out, *whoosh*~


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