This Week Has Been Painfully Stupid

How it all started as a shitty week, first, I shall write a long wall of text for you when I’m done.

Sunday –

How it all started, it was pretty much a normal day. Stepfather told me to help him by taking out some laundry to the washy washy place. It took place in the afternoon, that moment, I stepped on a hornet’s ass and got it good. I screamed out in pain. Stepfather told me to come back inside. He looked at my foot and said “Looks like you stepped on a bees ass!” and he pulled the stingy thing out and its painless when it comes out that stingy thing went and he threw it away. My right foot swelled like a balloon and it was fucking painful when I walked around with it.

Monday, “The Sting” –

Trying to go to school with a swelling foot was not an easy task. I couldn’t even move my right foot. My right looked like a fat kid’s view of their foot, if it were to be swelling with fluid, and red… and hot toe the touch. Everybody stared, one of the teachers got concerned, sent me to the office. They got a nurse to see it. They did nothing with it, so I wondered why. Going home, my mom knew I needed to go to the doctor. But when we got home I saw there was a blackout. I took the allergy medicine like any other person would. Hearing a loud beeping sound made it like a signal that the lights were on once more! So I was happy and everyone else is happy when it happened. Putting on some things to keep the swelling reduced. That was literally the whole day.

Tuesday, “The ‘Fun’ Begins!” –

I can’t seem to remember all of Tuesday. Since it was something I stressed about, going into the wrong classroom made me forget a lot of things that I should really be worried about. But meh, I think I’ll collect what was happening there later on. Oh yeah! At home, when I was taking a nap in my bed in my room. My mom told me to get the fuck up and get some shit ready to go to the doctor. We went to the doctor as being a cranky ass fuckboy that got disrupted in the middle of a slumber so luxurious nap so nice and peaceful on to get awakened to go to the doctor. To tell how I got to the doctor. We went into the car like normal people and driven to a local hospital, that’s outside of town. Going in was normal, it smelled like old people in there. When it was out turn, I had to sit in a fucking chair to check my blood test, guessing my blood was normal to be honest. Checked my weight, normal too as well.

Going into the STEROIDS SHOT I GOT WAS FUCKING PAINFUL TO MY ASS WAS FUCKING WEIRD AS SHIT. Waiting long periods of time wasn’t as painful though. After all that shit, we went and got ice cream and went to grandmas! Since I’m some what a pizza face, I got deep cleansing skin cream from grandma and it’s great!


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