A Watercolor Painting of a New Dawn


Why hello there my readers!! T
his is Tesu speaking and I brought new content to publish on here!

So, you know how I mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be turning this blog into my personal gallery for my works? Well this is one of then I made recently. I will explain what’s going on in the next paragraph about… Now!

What this is representing is when I was little, my Grandparent took me to their farm and they decided to take me to a walnut tree to pick some nuts from it. I remember it being a warm summer day when it happened. Keep in mind, at least I thought it was a walnut tree. I have good memories of that flowers bloomed across the field, it was beautiful to say. Since remebering that I became inspired by it — which resulted in producing this! 

I’m awfully very pleased with the results from using watercolors because of a acryllic paint crisis, which means I was really dum-dum with HOW to use it properly.. So I’d like about anyone to enjoy this really! Also Happy New Year everybody!


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