So, this is a work about a month ago from now. My iPod kept crashing for some reason on making the post then, and losing all the process of trying to blog the thing.

Anyway, the meaning of the the work is when you’re just so stressed out — you feel really despondant. The hopelessness within us all in everyday life and all day depression. Probably no matter how happy a person can seem, they might be full of melancholy.

To explain the light things around the blue man is the emotion and overwhelming sensations (the bad sensations), like the tightening of your throat, wanting to cry, and might just fall apart. The green represents the envy if seeing others do better at what you’re doing.

Another note: I actually can’t explain the turnip on the left and the tentacles (at least I think they’re tentacles) on the right. To this day I still have no knowledge why.

This result of the work was testing out some pastels from some of my art sets. You know, the usual things any artist would. I really liked how this turned out. And I still admire it. I think this took me about 10, 20 minutes to make this back in January? I don’t care now since I love it so much.


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