The Swelling has fallen (Finally)

Actually, it’s been a few days since the swelling has fallen down. I feel much better after that steroid shot right after a few days! Hoping I won’t get stung again in a few months. Still in summer school, I will expect things to get a little fun than sitting inside all day doing boring games. Since the past two years of spending an extra month in some school for fun, going to a golf course and two days later going to a local pool. I want something different. I WANNA GO TO A GODDAM PLACE FULL OF THINGS I LIKE TO LAUGH AT LIKE GOING TO A CON AT THE NEAREST CITY TO BE AT.

I’ve always wanted something new to my possession of interest since 2 years later being at a summer school, 4 extra painful weeks. I only go summer school because I don’t want a single summer to be boring as hell. At least. I might write about things no one will care about.

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