Gamergate and Woman Hate

This is really really really really really really really accurate

Conor Buckley Cybercultures

Was Gamergate a big load of fuss over nothing, the internet equivalent of telling your son that he has to let his sister play the PlayStation too even though she’s a girl.  No it was absolutely not, and shame on you for asking.

So a load of people know what Gamergate turned into (if not we’ll get there) but they don’t know how it started.  Basically, a gamer called Zoe Quinn released a game that got great reviews and a former boyfriend released a blog post that rambled on about how she had a relationship with the game developer which is why it was made.  She dismissed this claim but the damage was done.

So what then started with this weird stupid women couldn’t have made a game turned into something absolutely vile.  This attitude was good old misogyny but took an even darker turn and began to…

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