Remembering a Forgotten War: Memorial Day and World War I

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In a recent visit to Kansas City, I took the opportunity to visit the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial. I found it rather odd that the national museum and memorial to the Great War were located in Kansas City and not D.C. or an East Coast location. However, upon further investigation the location made sense. Kansas City was an entrepôt and depot for soldiers heading to training camps in the East and Midwest. From there, the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force travelled to France and the trenches of the Western Front.

As Memorial Day approached, it was an interesting time to visit the museum and memorial. The museum was busying itself for the approaching holiday and the grounds of the memorial were in similar preparations. Meticulous care was given to the displays inside the building, as well as the grounds outside. Coincidentally, this Memorial Day…

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