I Got a New Phone!

The title says it all, today I got a new phone where I can text and call! I can describe it as a Samsung Galaxy S3. For about years, I was imprisoned in an Apple.
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Today is my birthday while it’s my first day of school. I didn’t really care for how I looked because I’m lazy about what I wear. I ended up thinking it was the worst morning ever of getting yelled at by one of my parents (Seriously, I really hate it when someone yells at me rudely. I can’t really see a point in listening to them anyway. That’s just my opinion)

While at school I go to the cafeteria to get the breakfast as usual. It’s normally cereal of some sort and juice. I said to some people that it was my birthday, when I responded. I must’ve sounded miserable and sad, or angry and sarcastic. Maybe both. Then when I get to my locker. Keep in mind, I despise those round lock things in every locker because I’m too dumb to figure it out. I pretty much stressed out and had more than one person to help me open it, over and over, again, once more.

I see much of the rest being pretty normal until I got home… That got crazy, the power went out when my stepparent said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESU” the power was out for about a couple of hours. We had tacos together. The end.

Love Who Loves You

World of BC


In recent years, the whole concept of ‘haters’ has been such a polarizing topic, that it seems to be the only thing many people concern themselves with.

In doing so, we often lose sight of an even bigger, more constructive factor, and that’s the fact that many of us have people in our corner (near and far) who love and support us. We often spin our wheels looking for the love and acceptance of total strangers who could give a damn if we even existed…at the expense of the people who love us the most.

This particular post is largely directed towards my fellow creators and visionaries: the writers, builders, sculptors, inventors, music producers, and more who may feel that their work goes unnoticed. While this might be true in your current situation, step back and re-evaluate the audience that you try to win over. What’s crazy is that with a planet that…

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