Now feels like a good time to debate Stamkos’ next contract


Some interesting debate fodder here, from Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe:

The notion sounds so goofy that it should be promptly dismissed. Steven Stamkos is Tampa Bay’s captain and signature player. But there is chatter wondering if Stamkos’s eventual blockbuster contract — he will be a UFA on July 1, 2016 — would be steep enough to prompt the Lightning to deal their captain. This speaks to several things: Stamkos’s asking price, uncertainty about the salary cap in the future, and Tampa’s depth. 

We’d add that Stamkos has played almost 500 games in the NHL, plus the playoffs. He’s only 25, but the Lightning know as well as any team that a superstar forward’s numbers can really fall off as he approaches the age of 30.

Lest we forget how productive Vincent Lecavalier was when he was Stamkos’ current age, and how quickly he suddenly wasn’t…


Lecavalier started an 11-year, $85 million contract

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Third Essay Example With Research + Corrections – Modernism

Benjamin Mensah

The third example that I chose for my essay was a land art piece. The reason as to why i chose this piece is because I felt that exploring Land Art may be a better and more viable option to showcase a broader range of modernism.

Excerpt from essay:  

The third modern piece of artwork that I have chosen derives from the artist Robert Smithson. The artwork in question is Spiral Jetty. The artist Robertson Smith produced the earth sculpture Spiral Jetty, in April 1970. Built in Utah, its spans 460m long and 4.6m wide. (‘Spiral Jetty’, 2014) 

Spiral Jetty is Robertson Smith’s most famous piece of work. He purposely produced a large piece of work that was practically inaccessible to spectators. This is sated to be a creative decision by Robertson Smith. This can be evidenced from this piece of text; “In any case its location was never…

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The Art of the Con: Four Stories About Scams


This morning, as I filed folders at my day job, I turned to the podcast Criminal for comfort. Today’s episode was Gil From London, the story of a strange man posing as a British sixty-something who almost seduced an American widow named Karen. There are lots of well-told stories about con men, Craigslist hoaxes and financial scams—here are a few of my favorites.

1. “Crowded House.” (Tad Friend, The New Yorker, May 2013)

Mix cutthroat New York real estate, a too-good-to-be-true apartment, an unstable photographer to the stars and dozens of international tenants.

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Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Hello fellow users! I’m pretty much a newb and I’ll blog about drama, book reviews I’ve read, posting my life in long walls of text, and writing parody fanfictions by poking fun at religion, moar drama, politics, and famous trends on Twitters, I bless you a happy browsing through my blog!