The Alienz Are Going To Take Our Bibles And EAT THEM!

Keep In Mind: This is a Joke, it’s not to be taken personally

THIS BREAKING NEWS, many bibles of all churches have gone missing in the three months. One of the residents of our local town has claimed to see flying object in shapes of chinaware absorbing all of the books through the homes and local churches. Johnny Redneck has something about this 

Some asshole spelled his name wrong

The Aliens really looked like bowels of spaghetti and meatballs. I do believe that I have a picture of it on my phone.

– Johnny



You Shouldn’t drink Too Much Milk Kids…

This is the second time this happened in my life time, drinking too much fucking milk and then going to bed. Don’t give a cat milk or else they’ll poop their insides out right? This is what is happening to me just yesterday, I’ve been having diarrhea all day yesterday, NONSTOPContinue reading “You Shouldn’t drink Too Much Milk Kids…”