Me Me Me!

This page is currently under constructing, I apologize if there’s spelling and grammar errors or weird wording on this page

Hello, and welcome to my personal and art blog! This is my place where I discuss my opinions, my personal life, and talk about more than one topic. And to let everyone know, I have a big ego. And I am a drama queen also.

My interests include Art, History, and Science. I do not know much about these subjects, but I like learning about them! You can comment facts and stuff on my blog posts!

NOTE: I do not like giving out personal info all about myself out of fear of being tracked by super crazed people, like my email, birth name, etc…

I have a diverse taste in music, I like to listen to the same song about a week. and then go on another song i like and maybe listen to it about a month. You can give me new music to listen to and I may blog about it. Because I do not know what else I would talk about. Heehee.

I also post my work on here, though not often. It’s all traditional art, along the lines of paintings, sketches, and drawings. No, I do not take requests nor commissions. So if you ever ask relating to doing art for you. You will be redirected to this page and make you read this part.

BIG NOTE: I will not be as active due to not having any idea of what to talk about or being busy, thanks!


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