I’m Furious About You Being Furious About The Thing You’re Furious About


Watching social media more or less incessantly as I have been over the last few days – instead of working or feeding my children or acknowledging brief but important everyday moments of physical affection from my partner – I’ve seen, as you surely have, that everyone is furious about a thing.  This thing really has got goats and stuck in craws in every corner of the globe. It’s been trending for days and hardly anyone’s feed is free of comment on the subject.  Politicians and celebrities have weighed in with their opinions, and seventy-four badly-realised parody accounts based on this thing were registered by midnight Pacific Time last night.

But ask yourself this: why? Why are they furious about this thing when there is another thing that I believe they should be much more furious about?  The thing that I believe they should be furious about is so much more…

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YES, NO, MAYBE SO: OR, Congratulations, Your Book Is Coming Out Again, But Written By Someone Else!


A little story about strangely full circle writing careers and saying yes for you.

In the summer of 2004, I was 27 years old, and at the Breadloaf Writer’s conference, where I was boring an editor to tears by talking about my short story collection. No editor wants to hear those words, particularly not out of the mouth of a mostly-unpublished writer. In some desperation, I decided that maybe I could save the meeting by making him laugh, and so I started to tell stories about my “Year of Yes,” a year in which I’d accepted every invitation to go on a date – or random experience, as it turned out – in New York City. I did a lot of things that year, including swimming at Coney Island in February with a subway conductor, because hey, NYC. It was, in fact, how I met my then-husband. The editor perked…

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The Greek crisis and the dysfunctional European political space

london-brussels one-way or return

Igreek-crisis-16t has been sad to see the Greek crisis gathering pace, culminating in a Eurozone summit which, on condition of deep and intrusive reforms, allows Greece to remain in the Eurozone, and offers the perspective of another bailout.  But no one is under any illusions that the crisis is resolved.  It is clear that European integration has reached a very low point, judging by the acrimonious debates at all levels: official, media, and social media.

This post does not comment on substance but on process.  If there is a silver lining to the crisis it is, in my view, the birth of a European political space.  The long-living mantra that the EU suffers from a democratic deficit is well known.  It is coupled with a profound scepsis about the potential for ever narrowing, let alone removing, that deficit: there is no European demos, only demoi.  Democracy continues…

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Licensed to “I Don’t Give a Shit”

Punch Drunk Village

Bette DavisI’m turning OLD this year. But I’m taking it all quite well, really. There are benefits to aging of course. Social benefits, for example. And one in particular I find quite tantalizing.

Since I’ve always been a tad socially-reckless — over-sharing, stirring the pot, making listeners squirm — what I’m most looking forward to with turning old is my newfound license to I-Don’t-Give-A-Shit (IDGAS). Surely you are already aware there is an entire fleet of IDGAS behaviors that growing old affords, whether it’s IDGAS driving, IDGAS dressing (or undressing), IDGAS civic involvement, IDGAS bodily functions and so forth. For now let’s focus on the latter, specifically the kind that derives from one’s mouth.

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Tour de France 2015: Stage 15 – Mende to Valence

Maxine Dodd: Racing lines

Bonjour! Stage 15 pressed on through the stunning scenery beside the rivers Ardèche and Rhone towards the Alps. The conditions were hot with the Tramontane wind’s influence. In spite of the hills and climbs, there was a chance for the sprinters on the flat at the finish – really the last before Paris, so there was much to chase for the key riders. Team Katusha looked strong in the earlier part of the stage, Team Sky continued to hold their position, but the excitement came at the close, where four sprinters charged for the line. Another great performance from Andre Greipel who took the win, although the Green Jersey remained with Peter Sagan. Here are my drawings:

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Still waiting…

My apologies for being so in active lately! It’s quite difficult to blog on my iPod.

What’s happened so far during your summer vacation Tesu?

Nothing happened really, except the fact that gay marriage has been legalized nation-wide, do you know what that means? It means adoptions at orphanages will go higher! I am very happy that it happened, you should be too for those orphans who need a dad and another dad, or some may have more than one mom. Then who’d care if it’s ‘wrong’ Obama made a history-making decision that may inspire many to support gay rights.

To explain the blog post title ‘Still Waiting..’ Is because I’m waiting for my brand new laptop that’s NOT a chromebook. I’m guessing why my parents bought me this Google Brick, is may be one of my older siblings who likes to download malicious software (AKA Computer viruses and other malware) from their Steam, I know it’s just some social thing for gamers (that’s just think what it is, I don’t even use Steam on any machine. Ever.) it sorta like its their goal to see if they can clog up the hardrive just to see if they can get a world record for being the most destructive computer user everrrrrrrrrr. Now I just wonder if I can request the Apple INC. to see if they can change they product name IPod to CrabApple and called the green ones Granny Smiths.

To continue on with this rambling, why did I forget that I needed to mention that I now have Shantae; the original game boy color on my 3Ds. I still had a little money left in my balance, I was pretty glad I was still able to buy at least two games I ended up loving, that Shantae and Colors 3D. Colors 3D is basically a computer art program like sketchbook pro or Paint tool Sai, krista-to-go of some sort.

The Shantae game was like I never played before. It has really nice graphics for its game boy time. A great side scroller! It’s about a half-genie hero; obviously she has the same name as the title, Shantae. I like how the way she can those belly dancing moves, it makes me smile and giggle, but I find it really, really.. Hard, probably it’s just something I’m not used to.